Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You see this guys?! this is SIMON BAKER or in other name is NICHOLAS FALIN in The Guardian tv series..i love The Guardian tv series..let me tell you a little about the characteristic of nicholas fallen or 'Nick' in The Guardian series..Nick is a lawyer sentenced to community service working for the community due to the drug charger. He also, a lawyer to his father lawyer firm that incharge in the business and corporative cases. Well, what the best about nick is he look alike a bad man, who doesn't care about society..what he only cares is work! but deep inside this man, i see the charity an humanity..well Simon Baker brought this character very smooth.

But why i wrote about The guardian series? do it relate to my story? my title is fire, but why i wrote this story??. today, the terrible thing happened to me because of this guy! fiuh..! that was totally wicked and terrible and i can't forget it...
Before I start wacthing The Guardian tv series at 11 pm, I was frieding some thing..While i frieding, i saw the clock has already 11pm..'shoot!, The Guardian now!' I take out my bean curd from the pan and eat it while i wacthing the guardian..well i was amazed by this guy. i cannot close my eyes and stop wacthing the guys. I am focus, very focus! the director arranged the story very nice and simon baker is a realy good actor..!wow! can you feel my enthusianm??!
But at the same time, I didnt realize i'm burning my kitchen! oh my good, bless my soul..suddenly my eyes caught something red colour flamming! ya Allah! shoot! my kitchen...i terrified dont know what to do, I'm shaking. I running to the kitchen and try to light of the fire..owh my's burning and getting bigger!..but I try my best to light of the fire..I try and pray to god..finnaly the fire getting small, small and gone...
Fiuh..! I sat because of tired..oh! my nicholas!.i'm shaking..but I realiez something...nick..I need to let you go if i was cooking...I swear! eventough I love you but I need to do this if I'm not doing this your will never get a loyal girl like me anymore..and I believe I will scold by my mum and my kitchen..owh my kithcen...owh..nick..shoot!


I was thingking what I am gonna write in the blog..well i start thinking from the moment i create my email..I was wondering what topic should I post to you..well during midnight i woke up from my bed immediately when i got an idea to write! that was ridiculous for me...i meant hello! mar? what happened to you?! you are wasting your time with this shit thing...! But that is not an issue for me now because here I am..writing... well i choose seniority v juniority because i had an experience that i will never forget for entire of my life..firstly when we talk about senior, we will imagine someone who are matured, a lot of credits, quality, and experiences and junior is a person who are need to respect and learn from senior..well that was totally true! i used to do same thing when I've been junior during my studies at University within my country. I fully respect all my senior, for me, there are such as my teacher, my guide when I was totally blind! But It changed when i learn something, senior is not always like that..some of them actualy immatured, childish, and empty..I am not saying this to all of senior because I ever being a senior too. I wrote this because I have "nice" and memoriable experienced. when I junior i have been bullied by my senior that i respect very much..they borrowed my thing but actually the suite word is used my thing without my permission, prentend to be nice in front of me but critics when I am not there. they never respect me, making loud when i was studying, laugh like a big giant when i was sleep! that what we call matured?! i dont think so. when I as a junior start to react, they said i was rude n ask me to behalf myself..i dont think so. they said, junior should respect senior. but do they respect me?
Of course I will respect them if they do the same thing to me..what I trying to say here is, useless who are proud to be senior but act like a kids. I will laugh if I remember their advice to me..
well there are different between senior and junior.. and i love the spirit..but certain people changed my perception now..well a different are actualy "respect" sometime junior also soo many experience than senior..we should share each other, learn and learn..that was actualy the real way to define seniority and juniority. It is not a name we are talking about, but a creadibility to be senior and junior. respect each other will create harmony view..that is actualy the spiritual of seniority vs juniority...


Well, Salam and hello to the readers!..
maybe some reader wondering why am I put "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK...!!" as a title. I begin my blog with the meaning of the title that I choosed. Hmmm.."KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK...!!" is actually a symbol, well i prefer to write about world, humanity, interest of me, and global the symbol is like a "door"!. well we always knock the door before we enter to whatever place so, it is like when you, as a reader open my blog you will knocked my "door" (blog) and then your will see the colour of my touch (writing)..explored myself by reading my writing and discover what I thought. Well, i always dreaming to be a positive activist. That is why I am here! share about humanity, friendship, love without no different colour of skin and religion..i just want to share my thought to the readers who interested and actracted to my blog..enough for now..enjoy reading ya!!